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Jul 24 2011

Twenty Percent.

LA Institute has twenty percent left. This is what we were told Friday. That instead of counting down the days, we should be focusing on the amount of time we have left, and how much time we can actually get accomplished. I will admit, I laughed at the black and white slide show that showed the importance of 20 percent. However, now that I think about how I have one more week left at Institute, I find myself wondering if I helped my students in room 115. The ten boys and girls I have taught for the past three weeks are beautiful, smart, thoughtful, curious. But don’t get me wrong, they surely are not all angels and I do regulate my classroom with some good old BCM (which makes me a pretty strict (sometimes mean) teacher)

This next week I am teaching Reading. I want to be the best I can be, but I struggle with the subject since I was in speech therapy when I was in school due to my speech impediments. They often come out when I have to read aloud – sometime I am dreading. My student’s during AIT already correct me when I am struggling, I just hope when I am in front of all my students I am successful.

On a complete side note. I ran up the escalator today, ate Pinkberry and took my second Praxis test (I was so happy that I passed Middle School Math with such high marks, and so disappointed that I just had to wake up at 5:15am on a precious Saturday during Institute to take Elem Ed). After fro-yo, we were discussing things we will miss about Institute, but for the next six days, I am going to take it all in.

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