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Nov 07 2011

A Month Has Passed.

Basically a month has passed since I almost walked into my Principal’s office and called it quits.

Am I better? No.

Are my kids doing better? Debatable.

Is classroom management under control? Absolutely not.

Do I still get sick every day before work? Yes.

So why am I still here? I often believe it is due to my faith which I continue to turn to when everything else in KC is upside down. Most days I feel that I am in a room and the walls are closing in on all four sides. I’ve cried, a few times, this last month in front of my students. I have made pro/con lists, and financial budgets on how I could afford to resign, but I continue to pray that God will guide me and protect me so I can serve children you are so desperate for love and attention. Maybe telling my students I love them everyday will not increase their reading levels or math skills and close the achievement gap, but telling them I love them and hug them is the only thing that is helping me survive this commitment.

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  1. Wess

    Moments where we almost quit become the stories and the memorable part of hardship–the moments where we wonder WHY we didn’t just quit are almost as hard but so much more easily forgotten.

  2. Sabra W.

    I feel for you. I have been a classroom teacher for nine years and am beginning my first year as an administrator. Do you feel that you were adquately prepared with the basics of running a classroom before taking on this great task of educating the future?

    • KCMO Chief

      No, I do not feel that I was prepared at all with the basics of running a classroom in an urban setting.

      I also feel that because my placement school is different than the 10 hispanic children I taught at an Inspire Charter School in LA, I was given a false impression on the struggles I would have when teaching.

  3. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! It will be worth it.

    • KCMO Chief

      Thank you for your support!

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