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Dec 07 2011

Grad School – A Hidden Gem.

Oh, Grad School.

I guess I did not do enough research about the requirements expected as me and a first year teacher joining TFA. We must continue our education, either with the certification or grad school program. We were able to choose between two schools, a public and private school, and before summer comes, we will decide on if we are going to obtain a masters or just a certificate. The difference in cost between the two is approximately 3,000 dollars.

I’m over it already.

I had a paper due this past Saturday, we also had Professional Development with TFA (PSAT) this past Saturday, and I still haven’t completed it. Quite frankly, I feel that my grad school classes are a bit of a joke. I have received perfect scores on each assignment with little effort, however, the assignments are still very time consuming.

I really wish I would have looked into this aspect of TFA before selecting my region. Future TFAers beware of the hidden gem known as Grad School!

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  1. Sam

    That was how grad school was for me at first. All the intro classes are ridiculous. If your school is similar to my school, though, you will gain much more from the classes as you get into the higher levels. Good luck!

  2. One of the great things about Memphis as a region–TFA certifies us. I had a friend in LVV who got a 4.0 in her grad program, it was such a joke.

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