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Dec 10 2011

Midnight Phone Call.

I recently gave one of my eight year old students my cell phone. See, she was suspended off the bus for beating up a first grader, but this girl has NEVER caused severe problems of violence in my classroom. To say that I am concerned about this behavior is an understatement.

Well, last night my phone rings around midnight with a number I was not familiar with…and it was her.

I asked her why she was up and she said she was bored and watching tv. I told her I was in bed sleeping. (See, I had an early flight this morning to spend the weekend with my boyfriend back home) She told me that was dumb and I should be watching tv like her, not sleeping. I then reminded her that I do not own a tv. She reminded me again that was pretty dumb. Well, I was telling her to get a paper and pencil and I was going to give her math problems over the phone when her mom finally came to the phone. We spoke for a while and she was curious why I gave her daughter my number and kept apologizing for such a late call and that she was trying to get her kid to bed, as if she was trying to not look like a bad mother. I really had no judgement at this point. The mom did not seem to be lucid, but at least it was the weekend.

But it didn’t stop there…

10 minutes later the mom called me back and left me a 2 minute phone message apologizing over and over for her daughter calling me and that they usually aren’t up that late and she is going to get her to bed. She told me to have a blessed day and it ended. I did not realize how much I care about my student’s wellbeing until this phone call occurred. So many questions entered my mind about what my student was doing and how I can be more involved in her life. I still am at a lost to why she beat up a first grader and want some answers. I hope this is the beginning to building a strong relationship with her.

Happy Saturday to all! I am going to enjoy some wine, my handsome boyfriend (and his delicious cooking), and my family! Hope you do something fun this weekend as well!

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