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Jan 22 2012

We are messy people.

God knows we are messy people. We must understand that others in our lives are messy too, and forgive and accept them like God has done for us.

This was today’s sermon and has been a thought that has stuck with me throughout the day. As I sat there in church with other TFA CMs, I thought of our classrooms. How our students are messy, their parents are messy, our fellow teachers/administrators are messy. I reflected about how I, myself, am a messy individual. I am going to accept my students and give them the grace, encouragement and fulfillment I have myself have received through my faith.

School has been going so much better. I think it is because my life is in alignment, from health (training for 3 half-marathons), spritualy (my connection to my faith), and my person life (my strong, hardworking fiance!). I am so blessed.

Good luck fellow TFAers. Week 22 is about to get owned!

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