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Feb 10 2012

And Then It Becomes Easier.

It has been one month since the second semester began and maybe I should knock on wood, but it has become so. much. easier. I cannot decide if my recent engagement has caused me to be in an euphoric state, and being in this state has helped ease the pain of teaching in the inner city or if FINALLY not switching classes resulted in consistency, which yielded better classroom management practices and routine for my students. I like to think it is a little of both.


There are about 50 days left of school and I have such a empty feeling inside. My students spent so much of the year in chaos, not being able to be taught, that now I fear the achievement gap with the kiddos in my classroom may have actually increased. It is painful to hear them say that our classroom is better now because we are learning (even though I did not teach any of them during the first semester because they were in different leveled classrooms). I wonder what those teachers were doing for my students to proclaim that this is the first time they are learning.

However, like I said before, I need to find a piece of wood to knock on  so come Monday, I do not feel like I was dropped off in the fires of hell again.

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