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Nov 11 2011


Today we had a power outage… that lasted a hour and a half. Our school does not have windows so when the lights went off, it was practically pitch black. It was unfortunate. My takeaway from the day: My kids will not survive if we have a real emergency. Guess we need to work on…

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Nov 11 2011

I Feel Like A Teacher.

I finally felt like a teacher yesterday! It was amazing, wonderful and so exciting. I made the assumption that my students knew that there are seven continents… false. So, in the moment, I taught. I quickly searched for a song and my kids jumped up and down, danced and clapped. It. Was. So. Beautiful. Rigor.…

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Nov 09 2011

Best Teacher Award.

According to my roommate, “You are the best effing teacher at your school.” Ha. She said this to me when I told her that I was not put on the district initiative to help TFA and Veteran teachers for SCL elementary schools with planning. My roommate really knows how to humor me. My recommendation for…

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Nov 07 2011

A Month Has Passed.

Basically a month has passed since I almost walked into my Principal’s office and called it quits. Am I better? No. Are my kids doing better? Debatable. Is classroom management under control? Absolutely not. Do I still get sick every day before work? Yes. So why am I still here? I often believe it is…

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Nov 01 2011

Cat Burglar.

Today at recess, a mother came to school dressed like a cat. She wanted her kid. There had been an ongoing custody disagreement, and I had specific instructions to never like the student leave with her mother. She took her child, climbed through a hole in the fence, and would not stop as me and…

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Oct 26 2011

Locus of Control.

I am in control of feeling happy, sad or mad. Tomorrow will be a good day. I am determined to make it a good day. Tomorrow is Friday (Well, not really, but yes). Thursday is P/T Conferences. Friday my boyfriend comes to town. I am determined that tomorrow will be a good day and I…

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Oct 22 2011

Slap in the Face.

Student: Mama! Me: Umm, you mean Ms. S? Student: Oops. I still wish you were my Mama. Me: No, you do not. I would not be a good Mom. Student: No, you would be the best Mom. My Mom is a bad Mom. Umm.. I titled this Slap in the Face because every time a…

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Oct 15 2011

Thank You.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all that replied to my last post with support, suggestions and ideas. I will begin to respond to everyone this weekend. I would also like to note that the support I received through the readers and bloggers on Teach For Us is one of the…

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Oct 10 2011

Struggling: Give Up or Stay Committed?

At what point do you exit TFA gracefully? Bottom line is: My students are not learning and teaching is effecting my health. I want what is best for them, but honestly, I do not think that person is me. Eight weeks of school have past and they have nothing to show for it. I have…

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Oct 03 2011

PD: Yummy.

Today was seriously one of the best days I have had since coming to KC. Why? Well, my classroom is still a hot mess, but today – the four TFA teachers and I were provided subs from our school administration and spent the day observing and talking. IT WAS SO GREAT. The better part is,…

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